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I'm so excited to kick things off and start working with you, while also giving you access to my video library!

Look out for my emails for special dates!

You will receive everything promised to you in the bundle!  Let's start with the video library.  My team is diligently working to upload everything as quickly as possible.  So just keep refreshing if you'd like to start watching now!  Good luck and...

may the force be with you!!


Professor Raj

1- Lipid Management for the IM Boards & CHF Mortality Reduction for the IM Boards

2 - Acute Pancreatitis for the IM Boards & Metabolic Alkalosis for the IM Boards

3 - Latent TB for the IM Boards & Oral Hypoglycemic Drugs for the IM Boards

4 - Sleep Related Movement Disorders for the IM Boards & Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis for the IM Boards 

5 - Infectious Arthritis for the IM Boards & Etiology of Iron Deficiency Anemia for the IM