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Save 95% Off My Ultimate Black Friday Bundle.  Get 7 Trainings Valued At $1,099 For Just One Payment Of $49!!

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The Internal Medicine USMLE High Yield Lecture Series: 2.5 Hour Lecture Series, including Five Modules of lectures on Lipid Management, CHF Mortality Reduction, Acute Pancreatitis, Metabolic Alkalosis, Latent TB, Oral Hypolglycemic Drugs, Sleep Related Movement Disorders, Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis, Infectious Arthritis, and Etiology of Iron Deficiency for the IM Boards. 

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Feature Beyond The Pearls Lecture Series: Includes three 1-hour lectures on Acid Base, The Eye, and Chest X-Rays.

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OBGYN BTP Lecture Series: Includes three integrative case studies (45 Minutes)

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BTP Basic Science Video Library: Includes concise key USMLE Basic Science Lectures.

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BTP EKG Breakdown: How to break down an EKG in five simple steps.

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BTP Morning Report Webinar Series: Five 40-Minute Lectures on recent and relevant clinical topics.

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BTP PDF Presentation Series for USMLE: 6 PDF Presentations (includes 300+ pages) on Nephrology Summary, Nephrology Questions, Ophthalmology, EKG, Asthma, PUL HTN, OSA, The Eye and Wengers.

A $1,099 VALUE FOR JUST $49!!

Save 95% Off My Ultimate Black Friday Bundle.  Get 7 Trainings Valued At $1,097 For Just One Payment Of $55!!

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