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Professor Raj Dasgupta, MD, FACP, FCCP, FAASM

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1.1 - Integrated Rheumatology Overview: Arthritis vs. Arthralgia, Distribution of Joint Disease: Polyarticular Symmetric, Monoarticular, Migratory and Oligoarticular Asymmetric (39:52) 

1.2 - Rheumatoid Arthritis (Categorization, Evaluation, Management and Treatment) (01:02:05) 

1.3 - SLE (Categorization, Evaluation, Management and Treatment), Scleroderma: Limited & Diffuse (Categorization, Evaluation, Management and Treatment) (01:11:35) 

1.4 - Sjogren's Syndrome (Categorization, Evaluation, Management and Treatment), Seronegative Spondyloarthropathies: Ankylosing Spondylitis, Psoriatic Arthritis, Reactive Arthritis (Categorization, Evaluation, Management and Treatment), Osteoarthritis (51:40) 

1.5 - Gout (Categorization, Evaluation, Management and Treatment), Pseudogout (Categorization, Evaluation, Management and Treatment), and Large Vessel Vasculitis (Temporal Arteritis & Takayasu Arteritis), Medium Vessel Vasculitis (Polyarteritis Nodosa) Small Vessel Vasculitis (GPA, EGPA, MPA, HSP) (01:16:10) 

1.6 - Septic Arthritis (Categorization, Evaluation, Management and Treatment), Myositis: Dermatomyositis, Polymyositis & Inclusion Body Myositis (Categorization, Evaluation, Management and Treatment) (35:44) 


1.1 - Dysphagia For The Boards (Types of Dysphagia: Transfer vs. Transport Dysphagia, Evaluation, Imaging & Management), Esophageal Cancer (Squamous Cell Carcinoma), Esophageal Stricture, Esophageal Rings (55:39) 

1.2 - Esophagitis, Achalasia, Diffuse Esophageal Spasm, Esophageal Web, Eosinophilic Esophagitis (01:18:32) 

1.3 - GERD (Pathophysiology, Diagnosis, & Management), Barrett's Esophagus, Dyspepsia For The Boards (Peptic Ulcer Disease: Clinical Presentation Diagnosis & Management, H.pylori, Zollinger - Ellison Syndrome, Gastritis, Dumping Syndrome, Non-Ulcerative Dyspepsia) (48:52) 

1.4 - Inflammatory Bowel Disease (Ulcerative Colitis, and Crohn's Disease: Clinical Presentation, Diagnosis & Management), Microscopic Colitis, Enterocolitis, GI Infections, HUS - Hemolytic Yremic Syndrome, Diarrhea (Characterization & Stool Osmolar Gap, Carcinoid Syndrome) (40:39)

1.5 - Malabsorption Syndromes: Celiac's Disease, SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacteria Overgrowth), Colon Cancer (Sporadic, Hereditary Polyposis Syndromes: FAP, Peutz-Jeghers, Gardner, Turcot, Cowden, Hereditary Non-Polyposis Syndromes), Colon Cancer: Risk Factors, Clinical Presentation, & Screening), Management and Evaluation of GI Bleeding (Upper GI Bleed including Variceal Bleed : Clinical Presentation, Evaluation & Management / Lower GI Bleed: Clinical Presentation, Evaluation & Management) (27:12) 

1.6 - Pancreatitis (Etiology, Diagnosis, Management, Treatment, & Ranson’s Criteria) (53:31) 

1.7 - Cirrhosis (Etiology: Primary Biliary Cirrhosis, Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis, Alcoholic Cirrhosis, Hemochromatosis, Wilson’s Disease), Diagnosis, Management, & Treatment (Including Spontaneous Bacterial Peritonitis), Vascular Diseases of the Liver, Lung & Kidney Syndromes of the Liver (01:03:32) 


1.1 - Cardiology For The Boards (Changing Paradigm of Cardiovascular Disease, Cardiac Risk Factors: Modifiable vs. Non-Modifiable, Blood Pressure Guidelines, Hyperlipidemia Overview: Familial vs. Sporadic, Hyperlipidemia Screening, Treatment, & Review of Guidelines) (01:06:39) 

1.2 - Review of Cardiology Imaging: CXR, Echocardiogram, MUGA, Stress Testing (Exercise vs. Chemical), Viability Study, Cardiac CT, & Cardiac MRI (01:06:35) 

1.3 - Invasive Hemodynamic Monitoring & Management (Cardiac Catheterization & Stenting with Antiplatelet Recommendations, Evaluation of Complications), Endomyocardial Biopsy, Swan-Ganz Catheterization (Evaluation & Interpretation, Evaluation & Management of Shock: Hypovolemic, Cardiogenic & Distributive) (01:05:57) 

1.4 - Management of Chest Pain, Stable Angina, Management of Acute Coronary Syndrome (Unstable Angina, NSTEMI, STEMI), Complications Post Myocardial Infarction, (01:25:32) 

1.5 - Management of Acute & Chronic Congestive Heart Failure: Clinical Presentation, Evaluation, Management & Treatment (01:18:54) 

1.6 - Valvular Heart Disease: Aortic Stenosis, Aortic Regurgitation, Mitral Stenosis, & Mitral Regurgitation: Clinical Presentation, Evaluation, Management & Treatment (40:39) 


1.1 - Integrated Pulmonology Overview: Pulmonary Function Tests (Categorization, Evaluation and Interpretation), Flow Volume Loop, (41:35) 

1.2 - Pulmonology Nodules (Categorization, Evaluation and Management), Lung Cancer Screening, Pleural Effusions (Categorization, Evaluation and Management), Atelectasis (49:28)

1.3 - Acute & Chronic Asthma (Categorization, Evaluation, Management and Treatment) (01:02:42) 

1.4 - Acute & Chronic COPD (Categorization, Evaluation, Management and Treatment) (55:47) 

1.5 - Bronchiectasis: Cystic Fibrosis & Non-CF Disease (Categorization, Evaluation, Management and Treatment) (57:03) 

1.6 - Interstitial Lung Disease: Occupational (Asbestosis, Silicosis & Berylliosis) & Non-Occupational (Sarcoidosis & Pulmonary Fibrosis): Categorization, Evaluation, Management and Treatment; Latent & Active Tuberculosis (Categorization, Evaluation, Management and Treatment) (01:16:13) 

1.7 - Pulmonary Embolism and DVT (Categorization, Evaluation, Management and Treatment) (50:26) 

1.8 - ARDS (Categorization, Evaluation, Management & Treatment), and Ventilator Management, Peak & Plateau Pressures (43:24) 

1.9 - Sleep Medicine: Obstructive vs. Central Sleep Apnea (Categorization, Evaluation, Management and Treatment), Lung Cancer (Categorization, Evaluation, Management and Treatment) (39:34) 


1.1 - Endocrinology For The Boards, Pituitary Physiology Overview, Anterior Pituitary Diseases (Prolactinoma, Acromegaly, Hypopituitarism, Empty Sella Syndrome) Categorization, Evaluation, Management and Treatment (01:01:14) 

1.2 - Hyponatremia & Hypernatremia (Categorization, Evaluation, Management and Treatment) (52:59) 

1.3 - Overview and Pathophysiology of Thyroid Hormone, Hyperthyroidism (Graves Disease, Toxic Multinodular Goiter, Thyroid Adenoma, Drug Induced): Categorization, Evaluation, Management and Treatment, Thyroid Storm (53:31) 

1.4 - Hypothyroidism (Hashimoto Thyroiditis, Iatrogenic, and Drug Induced): Categorization, Evaluation, Management and Treatment, Myxedema Coma, Thyroiditis, & Thyroid Nodules (01:17:53) 

1.5 - Calcium Overview & Pathophysiology (Hypercalcemia: Categorization, Evaluation, Management and Treatment, Hypocalcemia: Categorization, Evaluation, Management and Treatment), Overview of Vitamin D, Diabetes Mellitus Type 1 & Type 2: Pathophysiology, (57:13)

1.6 - Diabetes Mellitus Type 1 & Type 2 (Categorization, Evaluation, Management and Treatment), DKA, HONK, Hypoglycemia (53:33) 

1.7 - Adrenal Gland: Overview & Pathophysiology, Cushing's Disease, Conn’s Syndrome, Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia - Categorization, Evaluation, Management and Treatment (38:26) 

1.8 - Adrenal Failure: Primary vs. Secondary, Pheochromocytoma, Hypogonadism - Categorization, Evaluation, Management and Treatment (53:17) 


1.1 - Nephrology For The Boards: Renal Overview (Anatomy & Pathophysiology), Function of the Nephron, Estimation and Evaluation of Glomerular Filtration Rate (01:06:14) 

1.2 - Acute Renal Failure (Categorization, Evaluation, Management and Treatment), Interpretation of Urine Analysis, Interpretation of Urine Microscopy, Nephritic Syndromes: Post Infectious, Crescentic Glomerulonephritis (01:40:52) 

1.3 - Nephrotic Syndrome (Categorization, Evaluation, Management and Treatment), Chronic Kidney Disease (Categorization, Evaluation, Management and Treatment), Potassium Balance: Hyperkalemia & Hypokalemia, Renal Tubular Acidosis: Type 1, Type 2 and Type 4, Nephrolithiasis (Categorization, Evaluation, Management and Treatment), Review of Blood Pressure Management Based on Current Guidelines (57:39)


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